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We understand that as a healthcare professional, your time is better spent helping patients than in legal disputes or court. Our goal is to help you solve your administrative, regulatory and business disputes as expeditiously as possible so that you can get back to your vital work.

The starting point for any professional is licensing. We have helped numerous physicians and other healthcare professionals in disputes with the Medical Board of California and other professional licensing boards.

We also represent physicians and other healthcare professionals in their disputes with hospitals, medical staffs, peer review committees, medical groups and certifying boards – both in the credentialing and disciplinary processes.

We have assisted our healthcare clients in a variety of peer review and credentialing matters, from the in-house hearing process through the Superior Court writ process and, finally, if necessary, in the Court of Appeal and California Supreme Court.

Don’t let your career end up on life support – we can provide you with the legal services you need to get back on your feet and return to work.