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Legal Representation in Litigation

With over 45 years of combined legal experience, Golding + Lamothe is a full-service law firm representing a wide-range of business entities and individuals in the areas of real estate, corporate, construction, healthcare and employment law and litigation.  Our mandate is to provide high quality, efficient and value-added legal services to our clients using cutting edge productivity tools.

We help property owners, business owners, management and individuals quickly find creative and cost-efficient solutions to complex legal problems while acting as a key resource for facilitating dispute resolution.

We understand that litigation often is not a good use of your resources because it depletes funds which might be better applied to resolution.  In our many years of practice, we have developed techniques to solve your legal problems often without the need to resort to litigation.

Of course, if litigation becomes necessary, we are your advocate.  We have successfully litigated cases where the amounts in dispute have ranged from $1,000’s of dollars to more than $100,000,000.

We combine depth of experience with the ability to take on large, multi-faceted legal projects commonly associated with larger law firms.  We provide a high level of service with the personal attention, economic efficiency and relaxed atmosphere of a smaller office.

Our lawyers will also represent you in other areas of law


If you are a business owner, whether in a real estate or other type of business, we appreciate that your real estate is a key to the success of your business.


We recognize that construction involves a high level of risk, and we endeavor to allocate those risks favorably to our clients so that they will be in the best position to protect their rights and interests.


Maybe you have invested your time, energy, skill and money into building your business. Or perhaps you are a passive investor whose resources have made it possible for a business to succeed. You have the right to participate in the success of the venture, but you are being treated unfairly.


In a perfect world, employers and employees would always get along and work harmoniously for the benefit of both the company and the individual. Unfortunately, in the real world, the employment relationship can get mired in disagreements and accusations.


We understand that as a healthcare professional, your time is better spent helping patients than in legal disputes or court. Our goal is to help you solve your administrative, regulatory and business disputes as expeditiously as possible so that you can get back to your vital work.

Our lawyers will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as Real Estate, Health Care, Corporate etc.